Contractors, Plant and Machinery

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Contractors, Plant and Machinery

Whether you’re a small suburban builder, a major infrastructure contractor or anything in between, we will work with you to construct a plan providing the cover, and peace of mind, you’re after. Our specialists are qualified in the construction and engineering field and understand the risks you face and the protection you expect. We can design specific wording on request to meet your individual needs whether the risk is across all major segments including mining, civil works and infrastructure.

Our specialist products include:
  • - Contract works and Third Party liability
  • - Equipment
  • - Surety bonds/Performance Bonds

COVER: Fire, Theft & Accidental Damage or Loss to:

Any construction of buildings &/or civil engineering based contracts undertaken by Insured to constructions, maintenance including insurance of works on site.

Important clauses:
  • - Excluding Professional indemnity
  • - Sub-Standard workmanship
  • - Sub Standard materials
  • - Unproven Technology

Following extras can be included:
  • - Third Party Liability
  • - Damage to existing/surrounding Property
  • - Materials & Equipment on site/ Architects &/or Engineers Fees

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