Employee Benefits/Group Life

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Employee Benefits/Group Life

This policy covers an Employee in the event of death of the Employee during service with the Employer. The life assurance benefit payable is equal to a multiple of the Employee’s annual basic salary or a fixed sum assured, subject to the amounts agreed upon between the Policyholder (the Employer) and the Insurance Company.

Employee Benefits/Group Life

  • Critical Illness benefit

    A portion of the main cover benefit is payable on first diagnosis of defined critical illness during the duration of a cover.

  • Permanent Total Disability benefit

    The main cover benefit is payable upon provision of medical evidence of a permanent total disability during the duration of a cover.

  • Funeral Expense benefit

    A pre-selected lump sum is payable on death and upon notification and provision of a burial permit.

  • Retrenchment benefit

    In the event of retrenchment, full/a portion of a member’s is payable for an agreed period

  • WIBA

    This is a rider that cost effectively upgrades a group life scheme into a WIBA compliant plan. Like the group life plan it is attached to, the cover is on 24-hour basis.

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Transparent, Simple, Friendly.