Fire and Burglary

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Fire and Burglary

This insurance cover normally incorporates Fire & Allied perils, Burglary, Accidental damage and business interruption. It provides indemnity to property insured against any loss or damage from any cause not excluded by the policy. It is appropriate for corporate clients aspiring to cover all their usually huge stoke against various risk in a single policy.


Covers loss or damage to property caused by fire, lightning, explosion, earthquake, bush fire, riot and strike, floods, and related perils. The risk may involve commercial, private dwelling premises, goods in trade, domestic or property held by a business enterprise


This insurance policy covers buildings and contents against theft caused by means of forceful entry or exit. Is specifically developed for the purpose of providing insurance cover of the property and foreign physical persons and legal entities, which perform manufacturing or non-manufacturing activities.

Covered under the policy is property belonging to or rented on legal grounds or held in care or in custody or control by the insured, including:

  • Real property – industrial and non-industrial buildings
  • Movable property – plant, machinery and equipment; computers, audiovisual and office equipment, means of transport, farm equipment, expenses for acquisition of fixed tangible assets, other fixed tangible assets, works of art
  • Stock-in-trade: goods; materials and raw materials, semi-finished products, production
  • Movable and immovable property of other parties located on the insured site and in ownership of third parties, lawfully held in care or in custody or control of the insured

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